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NAME:  Susan Larson
COMMENTS:  Subject: Hi!

Thank you Mark and Shellie Pacovsky of Slush Creek Walkers for taking Lilly back in! That's a great breeder that jumps at the chance to buy back one of their own. It was hard to decide to sell Lilly, but her going back home made it easy to follow through. :D. She handled the vet visit and train rumbling by like a champ, then when Mark brought her out of my trailer she right away looked to the hills she was raised in. :)
Susan Larson
DATE:  27/09/2016
NAME:  Elaine Peterson
COMMENTS:  Hi Mark and Shellie!

Just a quick note to let you know how my sweet Gumdrop is doing. She is amazing!! People can't believe she is green, she is very calm and listens. I have taken her to arenas where they barrel race and rope calf's, she only gets a little spooked once in a while. I've taken her on trails, down the road and in the mountains and each time she gets better than the last. Our grand kids go in the pasture with her and she is very gentle with them. There is not a mean bone in her body, she is just what I was looking for. I would love for you to use my comment on your website. I would recommend Slush Creek Walkers to anyone looking for wonderful Tennessee Walker.

Am sending this picture of her, it’s not the best, but I will be taking more. Also I forgot to mention I ride with quarter horses, and she walks with them and she will walk faster if I ask her to, she will follow or lead with no problem.

Hope all is well with you.

Elaine Peterson
DATE:  22/08/2016
NAME:  Darlene
COMMENTS:  Hello Shellie,

I see you still have some beautiful walkers. I am wondering what ever happened to Miss Bliss and Blaze (Quincy). They were awesome horses and I think of them often.

Thank you,
Dar Jung,
Jamestown, ND

DATE:  September 29, 2014
NAME:  Carrie N Miller

hi shellie,

here's a couple of shots of Emily; she's growing up just fine! Been rattin' around in the pasture all summer so far so I pulled her out and packed her up and ponied her around a 20 miler. She settled down after about an hr and got down to business Lol. 

Her first overniter and on a picket line, too. She's bein' a good pony. Will probably just do this sort of thing with her this year, then more next year and start riding her late next summer. She's got a lot of growing to do yet! 

I am having a blast with this mare, so intelligent! not reactive. uses the thinking side of her brain right away, all the time! We crossed some challenging stuff and she just rolls with it! plus I hadn't saddled her since like, Feb or so! settled right in, just says "what's next ma?" I am lovin' that!

Carrie N Miller Broker Associate
United Country Timberline Realty, Inc
11511 US Hwy 24 West, 
Divide, Co 80814

DATE:  August 2, 2013
NAME:  Anne Sullivan
COMMENTS:  Dear Shellie:

Last night I spent about 45 minutes writing a lengthy email telling you all about our delight with our SCW Delightful Perfection. But it disappeared, so tonight I will try again.

She is amazing! Even people who don't know horses know she is special. Our vet is VERY impressed with everything about her. Interested in how I found her, what I was looking for, and how I trusted you enough to buy her sight unseen from the other side of the country. My answer was research, experience and knowing the breed and the breeder. Came from a history of foundation Morgans and disgust with "modern" ones, so knew where I was going.

Delight is settling in most happily. She gets along with our two miniature horses, and loves our other TWH, Harley. The first time she and Harley were turned out together all they did was get side by side and graze. Sort of like magnets! Jodie has been bonding with her, knowing the rest of their lives will be spent together, and they are the dearest couple! Delight is leading with voice commands, turn left, turn right, whoa, stand, back. Jodie has been taking her out on walks through the woods, away from the other horses, and Delight's curiosity and largely unflappable enjoyment of discovery is amazing. She stands in crossties, allows all sorts of grooming intrusions, and allows the minis to walk under the crossties to get to their stalls. Not ready for a full bath yet, but Jodie is working slowly up from her feet. She is sweet, kind, and just adorable.

Now, being a two year old, once in a while (as you will remember from your children) she has to say an emphatic "NO" . We have a special awful-sounding "eh eh", which, when accompanied by a bit of a slap takes just a couple of times to change the "no" to "ok" Gentle, consistent, thoughtful correction and experience in outwitting potential problems (such as "me first" when lining up to be brought in) are creating a peaceful bonding with all of us.

Now the best part! Today, Delight was having a nap in her stall, and Jodie went in and SAT ON HER!!!! Is this true love or what? Delight has been here less than four weeks and they are in bed together!!!!

If I live to be a thousand years old, this is one of the very best things I have ever done. What a perfect horse -- we LOVE her!!!

Best, best, best,
Anne Sullivan
Thank you, Anne. We thought she would be a good match for you guys. We love it when a plan comes together!! Can I use your email for the guestbook or are you writing something in the guestbook?

Mark & Shellie
Slush Creek Walkers
DATE:  June 18, 2013
NAME:  Robert Rogero
COMMENTS:  I love what you do with your horses!  I purchased a filly from Nya Bates last year.  She is coming 3 this spring.  I'm very interested in breeding her to your Jubal.  I plan to start her next fall, and ride her for a while before breeding.  I know there will be a fantastic foal from Jubal and Ultimate Wind!  Thank you for your great website and fantastic horses, and most of all for keeping the bloodlines natural.

Lisa Rogero

DATE:  December 24, 2012
NAME:  Chris Asmundson
I love your puzzles and games.  I may never get the dishes done on time again!
Chris Asmundson
DATE:  August 23, 2012
NAME:  Jill Bennison Ross

I have just spent an amazing amount of time at your website. Wow, it’s really awesome. You may not remember me. I came to your ranch with my boyfriend some years ago. Harrel Thomas is his name. I am Jill. Harrel’s mother lives in Bainville and we were visiting her when I asked Harrel to stop at your place.

Anyway the long and short of it is, I am now living in California ranch country, beautiful Marble Mountain Wilderness. I was able to recently acquire a nice filly from a rescue ranch in Southern Oregon, as we are very close to the Oregon border. I have dreamed of the day when I could have a horse again, I am happy that I finally have a new friend.

I must admit I have daydreamed of a Jubal offspring since we met him in the pasture with his band. He is quite an exceptional stallion His disposition and manners were absolutely impressive!!! I am hoping to purchase one of his offspring, so I hope you will get in touch with me so we may discuss my “most wants list” for this dream horse of Jubal's. I am not in a tremendous hurry because if the right foal or horse is not available I am prepared to wait until next springs foal crop. 

Don’t get me wrong though. If the right match is available, I’ll make the purchase earlier. My e-mail address is lifesarosegarden@gmail,com phone # is (530) 468-2822      Thank you!

Jill Bennison Ross

DATE:  March 17, 2012
NAME:  Marcia
COMMENTS:  Shellie, You are too nice. Both my sister Sherry and I really enjoy your website and check it often for the new foals. We do the puzzles and have a lot of fun talking about the great bloodlines in your horses. A lot of history in those bloodlines. Keep up the good work. It doesn’t go unappreciated. Take care, Marcia
DATE:  June 16, 2011
NAME:  Emily Guldborg
COMMENTS:  Hi Mark and Shellie,

Hope spring is treating you well up there in Bainville. Things are going well down here in Brockway. I have a little tale to tell you about Argo.

He is now 9 years old and still much loved. He recovered well from the founder incident of last year and our hope is that with regular trimming he will be with us for a very long time yet! My niece and I decided to go riding last Sunday. I have not been on Argo all winter or spring due to Kevin's new horse needing some riding time. Our horses are out in a large pasture with a dam in it. Three of the four horses, including Argo, were out in the middle on a grassy high spot. As we pulled up next to the reservoir, Argo came over to us immediately. The other two did not and refused to come across the water no matter how many treats we waved in our hand or calling that we did to them. So I put a halter and lead on Argo, hopped on him bareback and he went straight back across the deep water with no hesitation, herded the horses out of there and we were on our way.. My husband sometimes jokes about how Argo is only good for cleaning up hay and destroying things because of his curious nature, but that quarter horse man was pretty impressed that a horse who hadn't been touched all winter would behave that well with only a halter and lead. It was a proud moment for my horse and I.

Love your new webpage. I always check out your site in the spring to see the new babies. You've got some beauties up there! Happy Spring!

Emily Guldborg

DATE:  April 28, 2011
NAME:  dianne thornton
COMMENTS:  Hi Shellie,

SCW No Fly Zone did very well. We love him and are very thankful to have him. Beth found another horse for us but she foundered on us after having her for a year. Come to find out she is insulin resistant and has thyroid issues (which the vet said is common to have both together). My husband poured his heart and soul into getting her better.
We are just about at the point where she can be ridden again but it remains to be seen whether or not she will be 100%.

We need another horse, preferably a gelding, so that we can be assured that we can do the all day rides that we want to do. We plan to move back to Montana next year and want to be ready to go. As you know, Montana has some very rugged country and we need two good horses to ride those areas.

I go on your website often and try to keep up with what is going on at your ranch.. Your new website is the best I have ever seen; I love looking at each mare's birthing history. I always wanted to see what Flyer's dam looked like and now I have - I see where he got his looks and body build from!

Again, Flyer is the best - he wants to be part of everything we do! He is a true best friend.

DATE:  April 18, 2011
NAME:  Jan Sousa
COMMENTS:  Hi, Shelly,

I finally got a quiet moment to spend with your website. It is wonderful! I tried to open three or four videos, and the only one that came right up is of the fellow "walking" across the open field. What a treat to see a true four beat, head shaking running walk, and not a stepping pace, on a ranch horse. I love the looks of Jubal. Looks like he passes himself on to his babies. Many of the ones I liked I found were his. But all of your horses have great confirmation, and are a credit to the breed. Photos are beautiful, the jigsaw puzzle is a great idea. I didn't spend a lot of time there, as my computer is slow, but was not able to see how it works. I will try it again. Congratulations on your Heritage pedigrees. I have often said that just because they walk with gimmicks and win ribbons, doesn't mean they will produce foals that walk naturally.


DATE:  March 24, 2011
NAME:  Pat and Roger

Subject: SCW Orlando Sackett

I have been staring at your website for is one of the most complete and informative horse websites I've ever run across. It was a VERY informative, detailed, but easy website to navigate…it’s obvious that a lot of thought and hard work went into it.
Great job!

I am interested in "Lando"...and was wondering if you have any recent photos and/or videos of him?  Any further updates on his ground training?

My name is Pat Kreisler
. Anne Lowatchie is a friend of mine, and I am most impressed with her pictures and stories about Cadence and Gypsy.  Plus, your focus on Heritage TWHs is absolutely wonderful.  If I do get another horse, I want to stay as far away from "show" bloodlines as possible.

Thank you for your time...hope to hear from you...


P.S  I am very sorry about your recent loss of Gypsy's dam "Ready" and her unborn foal.  She was a stunning horse.  She and her foal will be at the Rainbow Bridge waiting for you...

DATE:  March 21, 2011
NAME:  Nya Bates
COMMENTS:  Subject: The Little Red Rascal

As I said to you, Shellie, before- It was OUR pleasure to work with a sweet and talented boy such as Mikey. We do so much gait repair and rehab that it is a treat to have a natural, willing and talented lad such as Mikey to bring along. All we did was get him going, teach him some stuff and enjoy our ride. If only all the horses we got were as talented and willing as Mikey to learn and play with us. We were blessed that you chose us and, hopefully, he will be as much fun for you and Mark as he was for Rocky & I.
Thanks again for the opportunity to play with your well-loved kid. He is such a wonderful lad...hope that he continues to pass on his talent, mind and disposition to future generations (that is what this is all about-eh?). Great stud!
Nya Bates

Bates Gaited Horses
DATE:  February 20, 2011
  Congratulations, Nya, on being named the 2010 FOSH Trainer of the Year!!We are very proud of you. .. Shellie
NAME:  Marcia
COMMENTS:  Hi Shelly,
Am so impressed with this site. It is really fun to go through and see all your wonderful horses. I am the person that purchased Jubal’s Hillbilly and have to say he makes me laugh every day. Such a confident little guy. He eats up everything we teach him, very clever and always thinking. Will try and get some pictures to you this summer. Am planning on taking him through the Don Knapp clinic that my sister has put on the past few years here in Glendive this spring. Based on Parelli’s natural horsemanship. Jubal, as I call him, will just love it.

Was sorry to see in the deceased section of your site that Comstock lode had died. He was so very young and I really had a tough time deciding between him and Jubal. Was wondering what caused his death?

Really like Trey. He is just gorgeous and I must say his expression almost mirrors Jubal's.

Will try and keep in touch and send you some pictures of my little hillbilly later on this summer. Hope everything is going great for you and your family.

DATE:  February 16, 2011
NAME:  Elva
COMMENTS:  Shellie,
Your web site is really nice. Easy to navigate, nice pictures, good information. I did read about Gummy....that made me sad because I
remember the time from here. I didn't get to everything, but did make it to many of the links....Loved the idea of your recipes.

DATE:  February 08, 2011
NAME:  Toni Thompson
COMMENTS:  Hi guys!
Great new site. Love all the pics!
We still miss Gabe. It just isn't the same without him around. Looks like your boys produced some really nice youngsters. We will look forward to checking in often to see what this years crop is like. Congratulations again on the great site.
DATE:  February 13, 2011
NAME:  Austin Turley

looks great guys, a lot of work put in there

I did notice

 “Chipie” is a dark bay filly that will be 1 year old in a few months. She is by Delight’s Midnight Legend and out of a Slush creek Jubal S daughter.

Zephyr Good and Ready is not Jubal's daughter,  not trying to be a pain in the butt, just noticed this one as I was looking at the Orlando Sackett stallion, pedigree, and related siblings and such.

Winter has been rougher than most years here. No doubt you have been worse. Hopefully it will break here in the near future. I told Diane if I hear anymore of the how tough it is in Tennessee, I might just go postal.

How is the Bullet colt doing, Mikey? Did he seem to turn out like you were hoping?


Mr. Turley, Thank you so very much for the kind help in letting us know about the error. Long hours and tired eyes mean we can use all the help we can get.  We really appreciate you taking the time to let us know. :)  --Judy Handel, webmaster.

DATE:  February 08, 2011
NAME:  Kim Gentry

Your site turned out fantastic!!! Absolutely beautiful pictures...who is the photographer? Those ranch pictures.. Wow!! I know you have harsh weather certain times of the year but you must feel very fortunate to live in such a gorgeous place!!! And all those wonderful horses too!!! Lucky gal :)

DATE:  February 08, 2011
NAME:  Bansidhe Graphics
COMMENTS:  Here ya go, Shellie and Mark.. your new website is ready to rock. It's a real pleasure to work with you, and an honor to help promote your wonderful horses.  Thank you to all the folks out there who have lent their eyes to proof reading this site, and taken the time to email us with the errors they have spotted.  Your help is really appreciate.

Judy Handel,
Bansidhe Graphics

DATE:  Feb. 7, 2011


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