This is just a kit I put together for foaling time. The tub was purchased at Walmart and filled with the rest of the supplies.

  • Electrolytes - Mare and foal

  • Nolvasan - Chlorhexidine scrub

  • Vet Wrap

  • Ace Wrap

  • Tail bag

  • Scissors

  • Stethoscope

  • Syringe

  • Needles 20 X 1/2"

  • Tape

  • Hemostat

  • Baby bottle with a Nuck nipple

  • Enema bucket

  • Oxytocin - for use if the mare does not pass the placenta in a reasonable time.

  • Iodine - gentle 1%

  • Horse Charge

  • Latex/rubber gloves

  • Mare Milker (see below)

Mares teats are usually very small and it is difficult to
milk them if you have to. We found this idea and have used it many times.
It is so helpful and much more comfortable for the mare and the people
attempting to milk her.

Take a 60 cc syringe and cut off the end that the needle attaches to.
Then turn it around and put the plunger into the cut end.
Put the mares teat into the end with the ears on it and gently draw back the plunger.
You can empty the syringe into the baby bottle.

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