Meet Mark and Shellie Pacovsky  

Mark and Shellie Pacovsky raise Tennessee Walking Horses, beef cattle, feed grains, and hay. If it needs TLC or nursing, it fits into the latter category and it doesn't matter if it human or animal. They are very proud of their breeding program and the horses they raise. Their goal is to provide good quality using horses at reasonable prices.

All of their children are grown and starting their own families. They have seven grandchildren (four boys and three girls), and "Shellie's Strays".

Mark on Slush Creeks Jubal S.

Slush Creek is the farm/ranch where Mark's family lived when he was born and Mark was raised here. He always knew that the farm and ranch was what he wanted to do, so Mark went to college in Williston, ND for Farm Business Management. When he graduated he came back and took over the farm from his father, Vernon.

A 7 year old Shellie on Flicka. Her younger sister and
the pony Shellie learned to ride on are behind the horse.
Shellie was born in Kenmare, a small town north of Minot in North Dakota. She also lived on a farm until the family moved to Williston, ND. Even when Shellie was young, when asked what she wanted to do when she grew up, she would answer " I want to raise horses in the mountains in Montana". Now she says "two out of three ain't bad"... no mountains you know".

Shellie and Hunter

Mark and Shellie are pictured with their children below and this is their story.

Top Left: Jake, Josh, Amaya, Travis
Bottom Left: Amy, Mark, Shellie, Steph

We had been looking for a horse that could be used for pleasure riding BUT it also would have to do some ranch work - the type of horse most folks would call a "using horse". It had to be something with a great disposition, calm and sane because we had six children. One day a man called and said he heard we were looking for a horse and thought he might have what we were looking for. We drove over to look at her and I was immediately in love!

Here was this little solid black mare, not yet two years old. Her name was Lehman's Black Dixie and he had purchased her at the North Dakota State Fair. After looking at her and checking her over, Mark and I huddled in a corner to make our was a short huddle. Mark said "If you don't want her I do!" We didn't know anything about the Tennessee Walking Horse but we took her home. It was not until a visit sometime later with Mrs. Maxine Miller that we found out she had Allen's Gold Zephyr AKA Roy Rogers Trigger Jr. on her papers.

Lehman's Black Dixie
In a very short time we were hooked!  It wasn't long before Mark decided he needed "one of those".
Slushs Creek Jubal S. We wanted to breed Dixie and after much searching, we found the nearest reputable breeder was Calvin Miller in Rhame, North Dakota. We went to the famed Double Diamond Tennessee Walking Horse Ranch.

We took Dixie down to "visit" Miller's Super Man and when we went back to pick her up, we brought home a black yearling stud colt. That colt was Slush Creeks Jubal S. He was the last stallion to come off the Double Diamond ranch.

It didn't make much sense to have a stallion and one mare so we began a search for a couple of suitable brood mares.

In 1994 we saw an ad for a "1976 model" TWH mare. I wasn't really interested but thought I would get some information and idea on some prices. I called the woman and after a short conversation she asked me the name of Dixie's dam. When I told her, she started to laugh and said "that 1976 model mare I have is Dixie's dam"!  Well, that cut it...we made the trip to Green Zephyr Stables in New Rockford, North Dakota just to look at Dakota Dixie Flash. I still didn't want to buy her because I thought she was too old but after meeting her...she and a couple of others came to Montana! We purchased Dakota Dixie Flash, Zephyr Dakota Breeze, Dakota Gamblr BB Cake, and Zephyr Good & Ready.

In the fall of 1996 we were looking for a couple more mares to breed to Jubal. Once again, we contacted Wade Miller hoping he could point us in the right direction and give us some pointers on what to look for. Wade had an idea...Jubal was the last stallion to come from his dad's breeding program, Super Man was gone, and he still had those mares left. Wade wanted to see his father's lines continue! He wanted the good, naturally gaited, using horses that his father had been breeding for over 30 years, to survive. After some negotiating, we ended up with the last mares and Wade would always have horses from his fathers bloodlines on the Double Diamond. Those mares were Dakota Miss Eagle, Dakota Cheerleader, Dakota Gumdrop, Dakota Breeze, Dakota Harmony, Ebony's Country Charm, Miller's Princess and Super Man's Majesty.

These thirteen mares and Slush Creeks Jubal S became the foundation of our breeding program. We have stayed with the tried and true "using horse" lines, while still insisting on gait, disposition, and the sane mind required to do many of the ranch/trail tasks that we require of our horses.

Horses are not our only passion -  there are some others. Grandchildren are way more fun than our own kids ever were AND they think we are more fun than their parents will ever be. It's a mutual admiration society!!

Jubal loves the children too.

Dalton, Belle, Prairie

Seth & Carter

Tanner & Brianna


Mark and Shellie Pacovsky
Bainville, MT
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